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Have Bluewater Sailing provide you with a beautiful boat and qualified, professional captain who can safely provide you with some unforgettable moments, just for fun or to commemorate a special occasion. Sail North or South along the coast. Give yourself the chance to see Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, the Getty Center and perhaps the Hollywood sign from a completely different perspective. Escape the traffic and enjoy the quiet serenity that only sailing can provide. As a certified sailing school, Bluewater Sailing also offers the option to learn a little bit about sailing and drive the boat if you wish or you can sit back, enjoy yourself and let our skipper show you why we all love sailing so much at Bluewater Sailing!

Our experienced and professional staff average more than 20 years experience on the water. They enjoy helping people from around the world polish their boating and navigational skills or assist our friends with their charter needs.

Skippered Charters with BWS

1/2 Day, Full Day or Longer

Corporate Events
Sunrise, Sunset or Moonlight Cruises
Santa Catalina Island
Channel Islands National Park
Santa Monica Bay
Ocean, Coastal & Harbor Cruises
Marriage Proposals
Whale, Dolphin or Harbor Seal Watching
Wedding Get-A-Ways

SKIPPERED CHARTER PRICES (Skippered: 1-6 people; Bareboat: 7-12 people.)
Weekday (Mon - Thur) Weekend (F, S, S) / Holiday
Boat Type Boat Name Max.
Half Day
4 hours
Full Day
8 hours

Half Day
4 hours

Full Day
8 hours
Catalina 22 Solitude 2 $ 395 $ 425
Catalina 27 Ms. Mae 4 $ 450 $ 520
Catalina 34 Cool Change 6 $ 595 $ 695
Catalina 309 Winnie    |    NEW in fleet   8 $ 660 $ 925 $ 765 $ 1075
Catalina 36 Blue Otter 8 $ 675 $ 940 $ 780 $ 1090
Beneteau 57 Praxis 6 $2200 $2800

( Current as of 15 Dec 2016 )       new in fleet = New in BWS Fleet
A.  Skippered Charter Prices include Captain / Skipper for 1 - 6 people
B.  Bareboat Prices do not include Captain / Skipper for 7 - 12 people
C.  Charter prices, terms or conditions subject to change without notice.
D.  50% Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable Deposit required to reserve charter boat and captain
E.   Any optional gratuity for exceptional service is always appreciated.
F.   We also offer Corporate Team-Building as well as Movie and Television Support!!

G.  Please call 310-823-5545 or
 866-944-SAIL (outside CA) to check availability for some fun!!


As Featured On: 

BBC       "Jet Set"

Bravo       "Millionaire's Club"

CBS         "Big Brother III"    &    "Without a Trace"    &  "Dr. Phil"

Comcast       "Date a Model"

Discovery Channel      "Fitness Fantasy: Sailing"

E!  Entertainment      "Summer Style"

Fox            "Mr. Personality"

KTLA           "Morning Show"    

HBO         "Strange First Date" 

MTV     "Date My Mom" ,    "Parental Control"     &     "The Osbournes"

NBC             "Today Show"

The Learning Channel                          "Second Chance"   

Univision               "Title to Be Determined"

  Channel 4  ( England )               "Union Jack"         

Sharp Electronics    "Southern California in High Def"

Warner Brothers                                   "Elimidate"              

Multiple   Films  &   Videos   

Photo Shoots:          Distinction Magazine,    Playboy,  Tango Magazine,   Victoria's Secret  

Radio Networks:                 Australian, European    &    Irish 

Marina del Rey Convention  
&   Visitor's Bureau:      Muliple Media Trips  

Script & Location Consulting:  
A & E,  CBS,  Numberous Books & Films

Newspaper & Magazine Articles:       
"The Great Escape"   by   The Daily Breeze
"From the Fleet to the Classroom"    by   Shipmate Magazine

View a sample list of our corporate clients and television and movie credits

Notes:   Overnight / Miscellaneous:            
Professional Service to our friends for over 35 Years ! ! !
      1.    Special rates available;    $495 / overnight surcharge for vessel sizes up to 45'.  
                           ( does not include provisioning or beverages ).
      2.    Skipper prices include Captain / Skipper for 1 - 6 people, 
                           but not optional gratuity or bareboat Captain for 7 - 12 people.
      3.    Corporate regattas available for
business meetings, team-building or employees in our corporate partnership program - please call for details.
      4.     50% Non - Refundable & Non-Transferable Deposit requested to make booking / reserve charter.
      5.   Bluewater Weather Guaranteed Protection Plan:

                        If it is raining or Small Craft warnings at the time of your charter,  
you can always reschedule with no problems ! !   
( please refer to BWS weather policy for more details )

M U L T I P L E     O P P O R T U N I T I E S     F O R     F U N ! ! !

Please Call Us For Details! 

We offer a wide scope of Fun Programs, including:

  • Coastal & Harbor Cruises         
  • Sunset or Moonlight Cruises 
  • Sea Lion & Seal Searching, 
       Dolphin Looking and 
       Whale Watching
  • Birthdays
  • Engagements   &  
        Marriage Proposals
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette
  • Weddings at Sea   &   
        Bridal Party Get-a-Ways
  • Birth & Baby Announcements 
  • Anniversary Parties 
  • Graduation & Promotion Celebrations
  • Corporate Regattas or
       Team Building
  • Employee Rewards
  • Customer Recognition
        and Vendor Meetings
  • Skippered Yacht Charters
  • Bareboat Rentals
  • Group and Private Instructional Classes:  
        Learn to Sail,   Navigation
        & Advanced Courses
  • Observe the California Coast from a New Perspective
        Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu
  • Leisure Cruises: Santa Catalina Island, Santa Monica Bay, Channel Islands
           National Park
  • Sailing Vacations: California & International
  • Racing: Instruction &
            Performance Sailing:
            Bluewater’s Summer Soling Races
  • Sailing or Powerboat Instruction
  • Photo Shoots  & 
         Modeling Assignments
  • Television,  Film,  Movie
         & Media Support
  • Burials / Ashes at Sea  
         &  Memorial Services



We've chartered to individuals from over 65 countries ! ! !

G I F T    C E R T I F I C A T E S    A V A I L A B L E

Please call us at 310-823-5545 with any questions   
or   to check on boat availability
and   to schedule your fun charter activities ! ! 






We are very much looking forward to sailing with you ! !

We are often asked for some boating guidelines.
The following is a partial list of items that we have found to be
particularly successful over many of sailing.

We’ll plan to have lot’s of fun on the water ! !


"PLEASE DO"     Please Bring ( if you wish )

•  An enthusiastic attitude and look forward to having a good time ! ! !

•  Protection against the Sun:  Hat,  Sunglasses,  Sun Block,  Water

•  Layered Clothing  
                            ( temperatures may be low, medium or high all in the same day )
               – if shorts, also bring long pants   [ it can be cool out on the water !! ]
              – if T-shirt, also bring long shirt, windbreaker, sweatshirt or sweater

•  Non Marking white / rubber soled shoes with soft tread to aid in good footing

•  Foul Weather ( rain ) gear during the short, overcast season

•  Plan to arrive at Bluewater approximately 15 - 20 minutes early
             to complete any paperwork

•  For Bareboat or Skippered Charters: ( finger food with no preparation is best ! )
      – Food and Drink ( or we can supply for a fee with at least 48 hours notice )

•  For Classes: ( optional )
– Sailing Gloves & Foul Weather ( rain ) gear during the short rainy season
– Water & Lunch ( this may allow you to spend more time
                                             with the instructor at Bluewater’s facility )

"PLEASE DON’T"      Please Avoid

•  Wear black soled shoes, hiking or cowboy boots ( scuff marks )

•  Use open-toed shoes or flip flops ( unsure footing ) or high heels ( boat damage )

•  Smoke cigarettes, cigars or chew tobacco at any time on board the vessel

•  Fish, swim or SCUBA from the boat

•  For All Activities; please avoid:
       – glass bottles or glasses ( white wine, water, soft drinks & beer are ok
                  on charters but alcohol is restricted in classes )

        – red wine or dark beverages such as cranberry juice ( it will stain the boat ) 
             [ we can transfer cooler items to our boat’s refrigerator while at the dock ]

          – hard sided coolers, suitcases, etc. on board ( they damage the hull )

• For Classes: please don’t bring alcohol
                ( as it will interfere with the educational experience )



Most people are NOT susceptible to ‘mal de mer’ or seasickness.
     [ this is a very rare issue in classes but is slightly more common
              with skippered charters ]

       If you are concerned about this, the following
             are the most common precautions:

•  Let your Captain know early
             ( he or she may have additional remedies while at sea )

•  Stay Active: Drive the Boat, Talking, Having Fun

•   Ice on the back of the neck             
•  Stay on Deck in the Fresh Air   • Accupressure Wrist Bands

•   Medication: Dramamine, Bonine, Marezine,
                 Trans-Scopolomine ( prescription only )
    ( most solutions should be implemented approximately 1 hour before going to sea )

•   Ginger Products: Ale, Snaps, Candied Root, Candy

•   Good Night’s Sleep, Lack of Alcohol Consumption and Staying Active
                     are THE BEST PREVENTIONS! 




























































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