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Corporate Team Building

Our Sail Based Team Building program provides participants with valuable leadership and teamwork skills; placing work groups in a new, challenging and fun environment. We achieve this through various programs which places individuals in a new and unique setting which mimics many of the problem solving methods needed by successful business professionals.

Solutions to these challenges require leadership, intuitive thinking, objective decision-making, along with effective communication and cooperation. Each individual and work team has the opportunity to hone and implement these valuable skills under the guidance of our experienced instructors within the fun environment only a sailboat in the open ocean can provide.

Get away from the office and start building improved working relationships and cooperation amongst your staff, between departments and with your valuable customers. Bluewater Sailing can help provide a relaxing and unique environment to meet new friends or to promote and encourage team building.

  • Sailing: Our professional instructors will work with your staff, utilizing sail education to develop and reinforce teamwork skills. Task setting and goal accomplishment techniques will be cultivated as individuals prepare to take a boat off the dock and go sailing, often for the first time and usually with everyone starting from the same base of experience. Improved communications skills will be required to organize and direct fellow team members in this new environment, which requires some "out of the box" thinking. The crew will be able to develop and bond under new conditions, which will challenge them to adopt new and successful techniques of operating with their co-workers.

  • Racing: These sessions are similar to the sailing session described above for each individual boat but are designed to be a bit more competitive between two or more boats. After some introductory training with boat handling, sailing and racing concepts, our experienced captains will assist your teams to develop strategies for success in a new type of competitive environment. Our most popular sessions generally fall into one of three types of matches; one department against another; one company against another or blending together teams of people who have never worked with each other. We often recommend that everyone on the team have the opportunity to serve at all positions on the boat such as skipper, strategist, helm's person, main or jib sail trimmer, etc. These sessions are designed to be both instructive and fun.


We can create a program tailored to your specific needs.
Please use our online form to get further details, or contact us to discuss how we can help your business be more productive!

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